Friday, February 3, 2017

The Lost Northern Utah Fall Tour - Logan Canyon and Bear Lake

Autumn Forest - Garden City, Utah
Back in September of 2016 I took a drive through Logan Canyon to Bear Lake in northern Utah during the peak of autumn. I captured a number of photographs using my Fujifilm X-E1.

Then I guess I got busy and forgot about the photographs.

A couple of days ago I was digging through my files and found the exposures from the trip. I totally forgot about them! It was fun to experience the trip all over again through the pictures.

I haven't lived in Utah long enough to know where the best locations are to see autumn colors (this was my first fall), but Logan Canyon was certainly a great location for it. There was a good mix of reds and yellows and oranges.

Bear Lake is a large lake on the border of Utah and Idaho that is beautiful. From higher up (vistas around the lake) the water has a aquamarine color that looks like the Caribbean or something. Some parts of the lake have large sections that are very shallow while other parts of the lake are really deep (over 200 feet deep). Garden City is a small town where the canyon highway meets the lake.

These photographs were captured when I'd only had my Fujifilm camera for a short time. I was still figuring some things out--my typical camera settings are a little different now. I'm looking forward to autumn 2017 and another opportunity to capture fall colors in the amazing state of Utah!
Mountain Morning - Logan Canyon, Utah
Autumn Path - Logan Canyon, Utah
Autumn Trees In Garden City - Garden City, Utah
Garden City Autumn - Garden City, Utah
Raspberries - Garden City, Utah
Lake Cairns - Bear Lake, Utah