Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Photographs, Part 3

I've been trying to catch up with photograph sharing. With a few different projects going on, I got pretty far behind on posting images to this Blog.

These photographs were captured using a Samsung NX200, although the camera I used isn't important. Vision is what is important, and it was while photographing these images that I really felt that I began to realize my own unique vision.
Deer - Stallion Springs, California
The above image was an exercise in photo editing. Not only was it a massive crop, but it was extremely contrasty and also slightly out of focus. It should have been thrown away.
Five Deer - Stallion Springs, California
Dandelion Sunset - Stallion Springs, California
Wind Farm At Sunrise - Tehachapi, California
Steadfast Movement - Mojave, California
I love the above image, where I was able to capture the effects of wind. You have the unmovable pole contrasted with the wildly moving bushes, and the sunrise colors are great.
Weed - Tehachapi, California
Girl In Late Afternoon - Tehachapi, California
Wheat Grass - Tehachapi, California

Late Afternoon Mow - Tehachapi, California

Stink Bug - Tehachapi, California
The Road Home - Tehachapi, California

Tunnel Slide - Tehachapi, California
Red And Yellow Rose - Tehachapi, California

Rose Blossom Bush - Tehachapi, California

Pipes - Tehachapi, California

L Bracket - Tehachapi, California

Monday, May 28, 2012

May Photographs, Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I got really far behind in sharing my photographs on this Blog. This is an attempt to catch up. I still have two or three more posts like this before I'm completely caught up. By then, I'll have captured even more photographs. It's a never ending process.

All of these were captured using either a Samsung NX200 or a Pentax K-x. I won't mention which ones are which, because it's not important. Either it's a good photograph or it isn't, and the camera that was used matters not. But most were captured with the NX200.

Four Girls Before Prom - Lake Isabella, California

Brown Eyed Girl - Lake Isabella, California

Senior Prom, Christina - Lake Isabella, California

Guitar Solo - Bodfish, California

Rock Emotion - Bodfish, California

Dark Music - Bodfish, California

Water Valve - Stallion Springs, California

Reflecting - Stallion Springs, California

3 - Stallion Springs, California
Willow - Stallion Springs, California

Guitar And Bass - Stallion Springs, California

Rock At Dusk - Stallion Springs, California

Crow Sunrise - Tehachapi, California

Boulevard Mirrored - Tehachapi, California

Circle K - Tehachapi, California

Sidewalk And Shadows - Tehachapi, California

Red Roses - Tehachapi, California

Thought Of The Day: Nikon D4 or Nikon D800?

Someone asked me why anyone would spend $6,000 on a 16 megapixel Nikon D4 when they could get the 36 megapixel Nikon D800 for only $3,000.

With digital cameras, there are three things that are important: the sensor, the software, and the lenses. The D4 and D800 both have Nikon's excellent Expeed 3 software built-in. The D4 and D800 have the exact same lenses available. So the only important difference is the sensor.

According to DxOMark, the D800 has the best sensor of any digital camera, while the D4 has the third best. Both sensors are excellent, but the D800 has the better sensor.

So why would anyone spend $6,000 when $3,000 buys the better camera?

The only reason to buy the D4 instead of the D800 is if you are an action or sports photographer. The D4 is quicker than the D800. It's not just the 10 frames-per-second of the D4 vs the four frames-per-second of the D800, but it's also the write speeds, memory buffer, and ability to auto-focus and auto-expose correctly quickly. The D4 is microseconds faster than the D800, and those microseconds could make all of the difference to getting "the shot" or not.

For the vast majority of photographers, the D800 is the better camera (and for half the price!). For some, the D800 is just not quite fast enough and you'll pay $3,000 more for just a little extra speed (ouch!).

Just one more thing to think about: the Nikon D3200. It also has Expeed 3 and the exact same lenses available. The only difference is the sensor, and the D3200's sensor is actually pretty good. For $2,300 less than the D800, that's a pretty darn good deal.

Actually, it doesn't matter which camera you buy, because your camera matters not.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Photographs, Part 1

I'm really far behind in sharing photographs on this Blog. I've actually made a lot of progress over the last week or so, but I'm still far behind.

I try to photograph every day, even if it's just one image. It's easy to get behind when try I share so many of them with you. Most photography blogs have only the best-of-the-best uploaded. I post a pretty high percentage of my images for you to see. With each image there is something to be learned, so perhaps there is a benefit to it.

Here is part one (of probably four) of photographs from the month of May that I have not yet posted.

Train And Full Moon - Tehachapi, California

Broken Windmill At Dusk - Tehachapi, California
The above photograph was a massive crop. It was on private property, so I could only get so close. Thankfully, my Samsung NX200 has tons of resolution so that I can "zoom" by cropping.
Joshua Tree Sunrise - Rosamond, California

Joshua Tree And Moon - Rosamond, California

Duck Crossing - Tehachapi, California
Duck In The Road - Tehachapi, California
Agriculture Irrigation - Tehachapi, California

Cow Crossing - Tehachapi, California

Tree Reflection - Stallion Springs, California

Two Ducks - Stallion Springs, California

Spring Oak - Stallion Springs, California

Rocks, Tree - Stallion Springs, California

Motorcycle Reflection - Mojave, California

Classic Lines And Shapes - Mojave, California

Bugatti Exhaust - Mojave, California

Bugatti - Mojave, California

German Cars - Mojave, California

Headlight - Mojave, California